The quickest way to find a profitable Amazon niche

How to Find an Amazon Niche:

Let me talk you through the easiest and fastest way to find a profitable Amazon niche. Many people looking for Amazon niches over-complicate the process. It is good to be aware of keywords and how to use software that finds them for you. But what you really need to find is what people are buying. If you’re not choosing an Amazon product or a product niche that gets a substantial amount of sales, then it’s really not worth the time that you need to put into it.

The Secret of Finding Amazon Niches:

The best way to find Amazon niches is actually to look directly on Who knew that!

Start by looking through the departments for something that takes your interest, and then look at the subcategories.

Exploring Amazon niche Departments
Exploring Amazon Departments


In this case, I’ve started with Home, Gardens, Pets & Tools, then chosen the subcategory Kitchen & Dining. Clicking on this takes you down to the sub-subcategory choices. Keep going; you’re looking for a niche that contains favorite items selling for at least $75. I’m drilling down through Coffee, Tea & espresso to Coffeemakers

Exploring Amazon niche
Exploring Amazon niches

When I click in here, I finally see products, and sure enough, there are bestsellers ranging from $20 to $150 and more.

Best Selling Amazon niche Projects
Best Selling Amazon Products

When you are exploring products for your niche, you want to make sure that products cost a decent amount per sale.

The reason for this is that with Amazon the commission is low, 0% to 10% depending on the product (you can see the list here). Do not put affiliate links to gift tokens or wine, you will earn nothing. Kitchen equipment attracts a commission rate of 4.5%. This means that one sale of the Keurig K575 will net you $6.95 while a sale of the French Press coffee maker only makes you $0.90.

Remember that one of the benefits of Amazon is that it’s a conversion machine. So, if you can drive the traffic, you can make decent money, but you need to be focusing on the higher end items. The focus comes from writing reviews and comparison articles where you can place your Affiliate links. Maximize your bang for your buck. Don’t spend hours  writing a 1,500 word article on the relative merits of different brands of plastic spoons. use the time to compare the top ten cafetieres.

Microsite or Authority Site:

Now, one thing I do want to mention is that when you do end up selecting an Amazon niche, let’s assume that you do pick coffeemakers, you don’t need to create a micro-site that’s just about  coffeemakers. That is an option, but if you search for “Keurig K575 Review” you’re going to notice that the leading websites that come up are actually established Authority sites that have this review. You don’t really see any sites that are purely just about Coffeemakers. My advice is that when you’re creating an Amazon site you create something more authority in nature and then the categories that you select for your Amazon site are more niche down.

When it comes to finding additional Amazon niches there’s no easier and there’s no faster way than just going directly to the Amazon departments picking a category and then niching down into the subcategories.

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